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of or relating to or supporting Romanism

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system were educated in the Romanist (Pandectist) or civil law
The French specialised literature remains a salient reference point for Romanian Commercial Law, due to the common Romanist roots of both legal systems; thus the French Commercial Law is seen to be the generating field of a generous, ethically preoccupied matrix of Private Law, the main colonnades of which are the transparency principle and the rational concern for the commercial partner's best interests.
O'Malley contends "Dracula is itself an extended fantasy of Catholicism, a script into which its Anglo-Irish author can write himself as Catholic, as participant in Romanist rituals and traditions with all their perversions and all their power" (160).
Ordinances, like the sacramentum oath taken by Roman soldiers to follow their commanders to the death, are sacraments, not in a Romanist (21) sense of conferring grace, but "in the sense of vows of allegiance to Christ our Master.
He remained, variously: "Poor Dyce Sombre," "A simple soul," "a young haft-caste Croesus," a "mixture of European and Asiatic blood, and European and Asiatic habits--the combination of the Romanist faith with a Mahomedan life" (318, 320), and so on.
I have tried writing for newspapers, and I found out that a man to succeed in Canada, must be first a good tory, then a free mason, and an orangeman anything but a Romanist.
Doctrin's position is that of Addison, and as such it presents a sharp contrast with the dominant approach in contemporary doctrinal scholarship in the Commonwealth, namely, the approach begun by Peter Birks and continued by others of his school which, in its Romanist influences and search for organising taxonomic principles, belongs firmly within the private-oriented approach to the nature of tort law.
The argument spread like wildfire, but it would be advisable to consult a Romanist.
And the Zurich church leadership was reticent to assert its ecclesiastical authority to exercise church discipline for fear of imitating what they perceived as Romanist intimidation of civil magistrates.
Both a Romanist and an Orientalist, Traina transcends academic barriers, offering new perspectives on a period of important transformations for the Empire and its neighbours.
But even if their knowledge and methods would not differ greatly, Cohn would still remain a pure product of the French system, whereas Todd would take his doctor's degree at Johns Hopkins and thus become the first ever truly American Romanist.
Although other divisions or groupings of civil law families exist, the traditional division is between the Germanic legal family and the Romanist legal family (i.
That this Hopkins is his wiues Sonne I know as also that hee is Romanist and had much Conuersacion with these infectious People, I shall haue noe quiett with my selfe till your Lordshipe shall directe mee Concerninge Walpole (25)
Principles and concepts of the cannon law supported by the new at that time Romanist legal science were taken over with some modifications by the mercantile law (9).
Missionaries in China familiar with the current conflicts in England over liturgy would have found the almost-monotone quality of Buddhist liturgy especially evocative of Catholicism and the Romanist tendencies in Anglican churches.