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A proud and insecure country, painfully aware of its own bad press, Romania has come to resent its cliches--the child-slavery and prostitution rings; the stray dogs roaming through every large city (an artifact of Ceausescu's horrific late-'80s campaign of "systemization," in which historic neighborhoods all over the country containing priceless buildings and hundreds of thousands of residents were impulsively razed, forcing people to move suddenly into new lodging that frequently did not allow pets); the seemingly daily bizarro headlines ("Priest Unrepentant After Crucifying Nun") that wind up in places like Ananova.
Romania joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in the March of 2004 and has actively supported the United States and NATO through significant participation in the allied military presence in Bosnia and Kosovo, in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, and in Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Maintenance in Romania tends to be crisis-related rather than preventative.
We have three lorry loads to take to Romania in November - once we have cleaned the desks of years of chewing gum
Vasile Dincu, the minister o[ information, agrees that Romania is in great need of foreign investment and tourists.
There were a few isolations of WN virus in Romania and the former Soviet Union before 1996-99.
He said while addressing the first meeting of Pakistan Romania Forum (PRF) held at the residence
Romania continues to improve its capabilities for NATO and multinational operations, and has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to provide forces and assets in support of shared national security interests.
Data included for each company is the most recent available and is collected from websites, publications, catalogues, the Official Gazette of Romania, the Registry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, the Portal of the Ministry of Justice, the Insolvency Bulletin, and similar sources.
The transition process in Romania as "far from being completed", while in Bulgaria is "progressing slowly", write French senators SimonA Sutur, MichelA Billout, BernadetteA Bourzai,A Jean-FranAs.
5 hours, Yildiz and Ariton discussed in detail possibilities for cooperation in the energy sector and evaluated an undersea high voltage cable project that could be realized between Turkey and Romania in the Black Sea.
They led, briefly, at the halfway point, after Romania struggled on the uneven bars.
On free movement of capital - revised for Bulgaria possibly for July 27 negotiations; revised for Romania and Malta for November; Poland still insisting on setting aside agricultural land, so no DCP currently foreseen; closed with all others.
The courses are financed by the Danish State Democracy Fund, and coordinated in Romania by Cosmin Giurgiu, leader of the Christian organization Rescue, which coordinates practical and moral support for democratic development in Romania.
The report compares the investment environment in Romania with other countries in the region.