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the alphabet evolved by the ancient Romans which serves for writing most of the languages of western Europe

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Documents produced by the Legislative Assembly, including Hansard, Committee transcripts, Bills and news releases are produced in English, using roman orthography, and in Inuktitut, using syllabics.
But they could have explored both points of view more extensively, and they do not discuss the reasons that Grouard chose to use syllabics rather than Roman orthography in his book.
The entire original text, which consists of prayers, catechism, and a hymnal, is photographically reproduced and accompanied by three "avenues of access" (xi): a direct transcription of the 19th-century Cree Syllabics, a transliteration of the Syllabics into current Standard Roman Orthography, and a translation into English.
Jose recognized both Roman orthography from the Catholics, and syllables from the Anglicans, were imposed writing systems.
In the eastern regions of the territory Inuktitut is written in syllabics which have a resemblance to Pitman short-hand, while in the western part of the territory Roman orthography is used.