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a symbol in the old Roman notation

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Of chordal functions, Doll writes, the roman numeral "I will always be I, whether it functions as tonic, or as predominant, or as pre-predominant, or as anything else; the same is true for all other numerals" (p.
In his book Number: The Language of Science, Tobias Dantzig describes the rules of operating Roman numerals: 'How difficult these rules were can be gleaned from the great awe in which all reckoning was held in those days.
Maybe they do not know the alphabet and Roman numerals, or they simply just want to sit anywhere they please.
It highlights hour markings in roman numerals and quarter marking in finely cut diamonds.
The little girl's middle name, Ivy, is said to have been inspired by the Roman numerals IV, or number four.
Considering that the largest Roman numerals used today are chiselled into foundation stones and headstones to represent a year, the limitation of less than 4000 will be adequate for quite a while yet.
CIRCA 1910, this is a Goliath watch with silver mounted stand, white enamel face, with Roman numerals. It looks to be in good condition and at auction worth pounds 80/pounds 100.
In the second year of training, the actor progresses to an intermediate level in all the component areas of the Music Skills unit: 1) aural progresses into sight-singing and part singing; 2) music theory deals with chord knowledge and uses both contemporary chord notation and Roman numerals; 3) keyboard involves playing a melody line and being able to accompany this with chords in the left hand (called "method A" playing).
She also noted 12 graffiti images in the same house and a few places where Roman numerals were written, possibly indicating use in number games.
The first was of Chinese or Roman numerals on the inside of his right arm.
These four new launches derive their harmony and their elegance from the classic and timeless values of traditional watchmaking characteristic of the Classima Executives line: round 39 mm and 42 mm-diameter cases, classic Roman numerals and hour-markers, mechanical self-winding movements -- including some driving useful complications such as dual time-zone or power-reserve displays.
How will the year 2007 be represented in Roman numerals?
The final chapter comprises short guides to literary terms, roman numerals, punctuation, essay writing, and exam taking.
Finished in a striking black metal finish the large 8 inch face has clear, easy to read roman numerals and a glass cover.