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a symbol in the old Roman notation

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This elegant garden wall clock features an attractive diamond-patterned edge and a Roman numeral face with contrasting black time hands.
For example, he uses only uppercase roman numerals to denote chord functionality; for analysis of rock music, which so often employs chords in unexpected ways, it is essential for the reader to know immediately if the chord discussed is III or iii.
The Wooden Stop Watch Clock will appeal to vintage enthusiasts thanks to its traditional Roman numeral face - a quirky addition to any room in your home.
In the next column we isolate the individual characters comprising the Roman numeral. Therefore next to the 1 in B4 we find the first character of the number using
The chords are converted to Roman numerals (similar to figured bass playing in the Baroque period of music), where the Roman numeral designates the scale degree on which the chord is built), and for each Roman numeral there is a particular chord shape (inversion) to play in the left hand.
Appendices include a tutorial on ratios and proportions, serial dilutions tables, Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion tables and Roman numeral nomenclature.
Brazelton is a 5-foot-7-inch, 170-pound black man, with a tatoo of the Roman numeral two on the right side of his neck.
In her piano classes at The University of Texas at Austin, she will walk to the board in the front of the room and write a Roman numeral I followed by a bar line.
The burnished gold and white face incorporates a Roman numeral dial set with decorative hands protected by a glass-framed door that also provides access for winding.
Was there really an extra Roman numeral "I" there, or was I just seeing things?
(The Roman numerals are for the edition, like the Super Bowl.) Bailey and his conservative friends hope to get "autogynephilia" into the next edition of the DSM (Roman numeral V), in order, I suppose, to prevent free people from doing what they harmlessly please.
There is no running pagination; instead, articles are identified (sometimes inaccurately) by a Roman numeral, readers then needing to rely on original pagination.
They learn quantities 6 to 10 as 5 plus 1 to 5, similar to fingers or the Roman numeral VIII as 8.
As much as any modern dance in recent years, V (which is not the Roman numeral for five, but likely an allusion to the wedge formation that opens the piece) is a profound interpretation of its score rather than a reflection of it.
(It's not clear how typicalness would be determined; presumably anyone whose last name ends in a Roman numeral would be declared ineligible.) Election would bring a six-year commission, long enough to become familiar with the details of foreign policy; but re-election and fundraising would be forbidden, removing, Alterman supposes, any incentive for a typical citizen, once chosen as a foreign policy counselor, to sell out to interest groups.