Roman collar

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a stiff white collar with no opening in the front

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I still had my Roman collar on, but they had not seen a priest in so long that they did not know what to make of me.
Just about any priest will tell you the Roman collar is a dog collar that bishops can and often will use as a choker.
But when the biker's outfit includes a white Roman collar, observers often do a double take.
He dresses in black as a Catholic priest with Roman collar and a chain and cross around his neck but has no connection with the Christian tradition.
Coyne may wear a Roman collar, but he does know a thing or two about quasars, globular clusters, supernovas, dark matter and other objects contained within the cosmos.
I am very pleased at the ecumenical spirit of the magazine and was interested to learn, for example, that Rigoberta Menchu has as her spiritual director a woman priest of the Mayan religion rather than a man in a Roman collar. The Spirit blows where She Will, and we do a great wrong to say that something cannot be true because it did not come from one of our own spokesmen.
When she was reviving the old church-labor alliance, she drew me into the initial Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice--now Arise Chicago--and dragged me, in a Roman collar, through storefront churches and church basements.
I was dressed, as I habitually have been, in black suit and Roman collar. He said in French "Why are you dressed like that?
"The grand jury report indicated he was representing himself to victims as a priest with a Roman collar."
I'm glad that Roman collar isn't going to be his path to molesting other children."
Priests, instead of wearing a Roman Collar, now often sport a necklace!
The branded shirt is preferred to the Roman collar. What was once a gift we have now considered as our right!
Hawkes regularly wears a Roman collar and Catholic-like vestments so as to further deceive people that it is a Christian religion with true spiritual values.