Roman candle

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a cylindrical firework that projects a series of colored balls of fire

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But the Roman Candle and the Bengal Light were quite indignant, and kept saying, "Humbug!
went the Roman Candle. Then the Squibs danced all over the place, and the Bengal Lights made everything look scarlet.
Buy a Waterloo Single Ignition display for pounds 29.99 and get a free Cosmic Flower Roman Candle worth pounds 6.99
Free Cosmic Flower Roman Candle, worth pounds 6.99, when you buy a Waterloo Single Ignition display
The baggage inspection came after two teenage students placed and lit a Roman Candle firework which left school cleaner Rachel Balmforth, 58 - who was stood yards away - with three small, third degree burns to her face.
Ossie O'Brien flared like a Roman candle in Darlington - snatching victory from the jaws of defeat for Foot.
The package was found to contain Roman Candle fireworks which had been taped together.
Pranksters put people's lives at risk yesterday when a drain exploded like a "Roman Candle" which rocked nearby homes.
Meanwhile, the department said only the following firecrackers are allowed: Baby rocket, bawang, small triangle, pulling of strings, paper caps, el diablo, and sky rocket (kwitis), sparklers, luces, fountains, jumbo regular and special, mabuhay, Roman candle, trompillo, airwolf, whistle device, and butterfly.
Mail volume sputtered like a rain-soaked Roman candle. The Iraq war continued to be the top topic, but there were plenty of local issues that drew multiple letters.
He added: 'It is essentially a firework, which burns like a Roman Candle
The rocket which doesn't launch correctly or the roman candle that looks as if it's gone out, only to flare up into the face of whoever leans over to relight it.
Two police officers who attended the Light Fantastic display organised by Coventry's Older People's Forum, called an ambulance after the woman was hit by an exploding Roman candle.
"You would have no time whatsoever to get clear before it goes off." Roman Candle Ten Shots, which spray balls of fire in different directions, were also uncovered.
My favourite firework would have to be the Roman Candle.