Roman basilica

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a Roman building used for public administration


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PILGRIMAGE Z The pope prays at a Roman basilica dedicated to the Virgin Mary
The fortified church in this village dates back to 1250, when inhabitants began work on a Roman basilica.
The church was designed in the form of a Latin cross and in the style of a Roman Basilica (Fig.
Tens of thousands of people gathered at a Roman basilica yesterday to pay their final respects to 19 Italians killed in a truck bombing in Iraq and the nation observed a day of mourning.
She expresses dismay at the persistence of poverty in Africa amid politicians' apparent efforts "to create Europe where they are, for example Houphouet-Boigny's replication of the Roman basilica in the Ivory Coast.
VATICAN CITY * The Vatican has closed the monastery of a fourth-century Roman basilica on account of "liturgical and financial irregularities.
York Minster is actually built on the site of the old Roman basilica and subsequent Norman cathedral.
The bomb was discovered in the rubble of the Surgeon's House, the archaeological site next to the Roman Basilica.
It might not be quite the same as finding a Roman basilica in your garden, but it will be the next best thing.
In another part of the world, worshipers come for weekday-morning Mass in the Roman Basilica of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
The pope made the proposal during an Ecumenical Celebration of the Word in the Roman Basilica of St.
The Catholic Church observes today the Feast of the Dedication of the Basilicas of Saints Peter and Paul in Italy, two of the four great Roman basilicas of the Catholic faith, the other two being St.
Many of the old Roman basilicas were taken over by Christian congregations.
The tombs built by the Christian elite on the perimeters of Roman basilicas such as S.