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the alphabet evolved by the ancient Romans which serves for writing most of the languages of western Europe

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As signs of wear and tear demonstrate, and as the eventual dismissal of even the carefully crafted Roman alphabet in favor of the efficient dot suggest, the books themselves became the most profound barrier to nineteenth-century tactile literacy.
Despite this historical lesson, not to mention his lack of background in linguistics, Sovichea promised himself he would invent a new standard for writing Khmer with a Roman alphabet. Such a system, he claims, would help to avoid confusion and misunderstanding, as well as spelling mistakes in government documents, and would promote cross-cultural exchange.
Romanization--here, and more generally--may seem to highlight the process of imposing one kind of script, the Roman alphabet, to the exclusion of others (like Arabic or Cyrillic).
(The three notable exceptions are familiar from their look-alikes in the Roman alphabet: A, a E, e and P, p.) However, cursive Cyrillic differs drastically from the printed form, and creates a new set of words that look Roman.
A major drawback remained after Hauy's innovations: the curved shapes of the letters of the Roman alphabet did not lend themselves to swift recognition through touch.
However, Inuit in other parts of the world have successfully adapted to using the roman alphabet for Inuktitut and other Inuit languages.
'Q' is the 17th letter of the Roman alphabet. MIT notes that '17' is the 'least random number'.
Of course, the mismatch between the Roman alphabet (even expanded by b and 3) and the various versions of English pronunciation, with the consequent variations in spelling, will cause some problems.
In reality, the Greek word for "Christ" is "chi," and is represented by a symbol similar to the letter X in the modern Roman alphabet. Some traditionalists, however, may be difficult to persuade.
Scoring would take place whenever the lecturer wrote a mathematical equation upon the blackboard, with the 'batting' side scoring one run for each letter of the Roman alphabet denoting an unknown or constant, while the bowling side would be adjudged to have taken a 'wicket' for every Greek letter so used.
Each chapter gives the known history of the language with grammatical explanations, tests transliterated into the Roman alphabet and translated into English.
Ministers made their final decision at a cabinet meeting after examining a shortlist of five designs based around the letter EoACA[pounds sterling]REoACA[yen] as drawn in the Roman alphabet and the ancient Devanagari script used in Hindi.
In the meantime, German MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis said that in the UN a resolution would be proposed according to which the Macedonian language and identity would be presented as "Makedonski" in the Roman alphabet.
The number of letters in Devanagari alphabet set is large as compared to Roman alphabet set.