Roman Catholic Pope

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Pope Benedict XVI is very highly recommended reading, especially for those not yet acquainted with the life story of the newest Roman Catholic Pope.
John Paul II was the first-ever Roman Catholic Pope to be what?
But it is doubtful that the worshipers there, lighting their thin brown candles in front of favorite icons, were at all interested in the Roman Catholic pope and ecumenism.
In December 2017, the minister of tourism paid a three-day visit to Vatican City, during which he met with Roman Catholic Pope Francis, who blessed the holy family's journey in Egypt as an official Christian pilgrimage.
The visit of Francis is the first visit by a Roman Catholic pope since 2000, when Pope John Paul II visited Egypt.
The Vatican and the Moscow Patriarchate announced on Friday that Francis will stop in Cuba on Feb 12 his way to Mexico to hold talks with Patriarch Kirill, the first in history between a Roman Catholic pope and a Russian Orthodox patriarch.
The Roman Catholic pope speaks out at times but we seem to fear saying anything.
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