Roman Catholic

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Synonyms for Roman Catholic

the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy

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of or relating to or supporting Romanism

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Yet the absence of mention or reflection on Faith and Order might suggest that the commission played a limited role--or no role--with the Roman Catholic Church during the time of the council.
18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- RSM News - Under the mantle of Charity the Knights of Columbus have had a free pass on the issue of anti-gay bigotry "We can no longer allow intolerance to go unchallenged," said Joe Murray the Executive Director of the Rainbow Sash Movement a national organization of LGBT Roman Catholics.
In the past, Roman Catholic pupils were taught their religious beliefs and the Church of England theirs.
The scheme, announced last year by the Vatican, allows Anglicans to join the Roman Catholic Church while maintaining aspects of their spiritual heritage.
Roman Catholic Womenpriests' mission to challenge the church with regard to the ordination of women is ongoing and we continue to use the Roman Catholic rite of ordination.
Grill was the the associate pastor at Our Lady of the Valley in Canoga Park when he was tapped by the late Cardinal James Francis McIntyre of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles to start the parish of St.
From Asia to North America & South America, from Europe to Africa and the Middle East, many groups have come together in the last 20--30 years, groups working towards reform in the Roman Catholic Church.
Among them is Wendy Rowlands, 61, who has worked as a dinner lady at Holy Family Roman Catholic Primary School in Fairwater, Cardiff, for six years.
Paul's Roman Catholic High School in Glasgow, was discriminated against because of his beliefs by a city commission that refused to allow him to interview for a pastoral care position at the school.
REGARDING Maureen Messent as a so-called Roman Catholic, I would have thought she would follow the teaching of our church: "God gives life and only God is entitled to end it.
To that end, the Roman Catholic Church will likely demand that gay candidates demonstrate years of celibacy before they can enter seminary.
Mr Feeney used to teach at St John Vianney School Roman Catholic School in Mount Nod Way, Mount Nod, St Gregory's Roman Catholic Primary School in Harry Rose Road, Wyken and St Patrick's Roman Catholic Primary School in Deedmore Road, Wood End.
I commend Robert Grant for his important article, "The Roman Catholic Hierarchy: Putting the Squeeze on Politicians" (March/April 2005).
Rossi's motivation for doing so is that after the death of his aunt, he discovers that although he was reared as a Roman Catholic, he is actually Jewish.
The suffering of the Roman Catholic Church during the Reign of Terror does not begin to compare to the suffering which it imposed on French Huguenots (Protestants) during the preceding 250 years.