Roman Catholic

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Synonyms for Roman Catholic

the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy

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of or relating to or supporting Romanism

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National rank: 597 9 Sir Robert of Newminster RC School Authority: Sunderland Religion: Roman Catholic Admission: Comprehensive Gender: Mixed 56 .....
* Despite an intense lobbying campaign by the Roman Catholic church of MPs, and despite a Roman Catholic Prime Minister, and despite a free vote allowed by the federal government, the constitutional changes for Newfoundland were passed by an overwhelming vote of 171 to 41.
The widest timeframe of Faith and Order's relationship with the Roman Catholic Church for the purposes of this narrative is from 1928 to 2012; that is, from the 1928 encyclical of Pius XI, Mortalium animos, to the completion of the second Faith and Order convergence text, The Church: Towards a Common Vision, in 2012.
People have often said getting an annulment from the Roman Catholic church is discouraging because of the lengthy and expensive process.
Their voices are genuine and critical to understanding the lived perspective of faith and Roman Catholic schooling.
I went to Grange National Church in Wales school where we learned the catechism and creeds and the Roman Catholics learnt theirs.
Coon's one-page Web site,, contains her statement and a prayer that also recants her decision, mentions she has been married for 47 years, and asks "your blessings on my bishop and my pastor and priests in Rome who have assisted me in the process of being reinstated into the Roman Catholic church."
Three serving bishops and two retired bishops have decided to enter into "full communion" with the Catholic Church through the personal ordinariate, the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales has said.
From Asia to North America & South America, from Europe to Africa and the Middle East, many groups have come together in the last 20--30 years, groups working towards reform in the Roman Catholic Church.
But the deal excludes workers from voluntary-aided schools, which are all Church in Wales and Roman Catholic schools, because their staff are employed by each school's governing body instead of the council.
Bernards Roman Catholic Church and the Greendale Mens Club.
Roman Catholic participants conceded that there is no clear biblical evidence that the Twelve were the exclusive Ministers of the Eucharist in New Testament times and also that there is difficulty in making affirmations about what is necessary in Eucharistic Ministry.
The Roman Catholic Papacy has been the target of accusation, slander, caricature, politics and rebuke from its beginnings in the first century of the Christian Church down to the present day.
Paul's Roman Catholic High School in Glasgow, was discriminated against because of his beliefs by a city commission that refused to allow him to interview for a pastoral care position at the school.