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the modern Greek vernacular


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The fate of Phrosine, the fairest of this sacrifice, is the subject of many a Romaic and Arnaut ditty.
20) Unlikely as it might seem, this gamey image might well have been suggested by the Romaic folk ballad of Kyra Phrosine, in which its heroine is twice referred to as [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
A revealing episode dates from the autumn of 1810, when the adventurous Lady Hester Stanhope met the young aristocrat in Athens anal mockingly reported how "he had picked up a few sentences of the Romaic, with which he affected to give orders to his Greek servant" (HVS, 36).
One might also suggest that Lara's sudden linguistic shift is akin to (indeed, inseparable from) the fact that Byron swears in Italian or Romaic or switches from English to Italian and Venetian out of habit.
Still, Fuller knew which part of her essay was really important, so she rather plaintively asked Emer son, "If you could get me vouchers of interest for the Romaics, I should be encouraged to make a rosary of all the rest" (Letters 3: 97) [25]
Presumably, therefore, he never could supply her "with vouchers of interest for the Romaics.