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During the meeting, the participants emphasized that many Roma lack personal documents, hindering them from exercising their fundamental, social and political rights.
I speak the Roma language, know the Roma culture, I can help them communicate with schools and health services and connect with the communities in which they live.
In end-May, anti-Roma unrest erupted in the southwestern municipality of Garmen, with protesters demanding the swift demolition of illegal buildings housing Roma families.
Though the Roma in Cyprus do not live in encampments, their access to private housing is severely limited.
To learn more or to purchase your pair of Roma Boots, visit http://romaboots.
He also criticized EU countries, especially France, for discriminating against the Roma despite EU resolutions against such bias.
Roma general director Mauro Baldissoni and sporting director Walter Sabatini are working extremely hard to retain the services of Pjanic and it seems United may well miss out on yet another midfield target.
Gergely, a human rights lawyer who has a Roma father and a white Romanian mother, noted that many Roma, who arrived in Europe from India centuries ago and are also called Gypsies, came from mixed families.
Roma history is complex, unevenly patterned with discrimination, fear, idealization, and a certain mystique--all of which makes it difficult to trace and understand the virulence of anti-Roma sentiment today.
Under communism, specifically in Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union, the Roma to some extent benefitted by collective social programs.
Marcela, who lives in the area on the city's south side, has set up an organisation called Roma Lav - Roma Voice - who hope to stop the growing demonisation in Scotland of an ethnic group forced to the fringes of society across Europe.
Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, strongly condemning continuing reported maltreatment of Roma in Slovakia and Europe, said that it was time for Slovakia and other countries of Europe to wake-up and do something concrete to end Roma apartheid.
But, in the midst of the general suffering, one group - the Roma - has been ignored.
Official statistics show that while 10 per cent of the Bulgarian population are Roma people, close to half of the children in social care institutions are Roma.
Such is my introduction to the Roma village of Barbulesti, just 35 miles from the Romanian capital of Bucharest.