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In the Koronc community service centre an exhibition featuring the paintings of Roma painter Jzsef Ferkovics was opened and a fine arts workshop was organised for children.
We want to give back what we have received so far," the Roma student said, explaining why the project was born in the first place.
The organization of Roma communities, humanitarian campaigns, infrastructure development initiatives, educational workshops, preservation and protection of Roma cultural and historical monuments are just some of the initiatives that were designed and realized by young people from Roma communities through this project.
Other reports of Romanian Roma associations also state that, in most cases when Roma were banished from their villages because of their houses demolition in racist violence acts, families could go back to their villages and houses after periods of three to six months.
In 2004 World Health Organization tested the blood of the Roma kids for lead detection and the results for 90% of the kids were higher than the medical devices were set to measure.
Today, Europe's 10 million Roma still comprise a third of the world's total.
When Gundry's husband saw Roma attending to tiny details such as the plants, he was convinced about the partnership.
Ms Bahor said: "I'm delighted to be giving my community a voice and helping Roma people access information that provides the opportunities they have long been denied.
In the socialist period (1945-1990), Roma community had significant improvements in shelter, education, health care and social services.
Citing an investigation by the Office of the Ombudsman, the report said Roma were one of the most vulnerable groups in Cypriot society because they were not recognised as a minority by the Republic's National Action Plan for Social Inclusion.
The Trakya Meeting of the Roma, held at Edirne's Mimar Sinan Sport Complex, brought together hundreds of members of the Roma community residing in the Trakya towns of Kyrklareli, Tekirday- and Ecanakkale.
Manchester United are hoping to convince Miralem Pjanic to leave Roma in January though they may have a battle on their hands with the Italian club poised to offer the hugely-talented midfielder a new five year contract.
But the stereotype of the child-stealing Gypsy has been reawakened since last week when a Roma couple in Greece were jailed on accusations that they had abducted a blond, green-eyed child called Maria -- dubbed "the blond angel'' in the Greek media.
The twenty-six year old knows she's bucking the odds: fewer than half of one percent of Bulgarian Roma obtain degrees in higher education.
1) Throughout the centuries, elements of each host culture, language, and religion became tightly interwoven into their own culture, with each Roma village or group of villages differing in terms of religious expression, dialect and language, and cultural practices.