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Violence against Roma is gravely underreported, and Roma are often viewed as scapegoats for broader societal ills, often characterized as outsiders who are inferior citizens and are unwanted in their respective communities.
The Roma community was persecuted by the Nazi regime, viewed as a threat to the "superior Aryan" race.
In 2012 - 2016 he worked as the Government's Proxy for Roma Communities (under the Smer government).He is a university lecturer, project manager and comes from Levoa.
Extremists are here thanks to the fact that during 12 years of the Robert Fico government, stealing did not stop and has even increased, and the problem of Roma communities is even bigger than it was 12 years ago.
To provide further context for the study, we present several reports relevant to Roma education in Croatia since the 2000s.
In 2010, Croatia engaged the National Centre for External Evaluation of Education (NCEEE) to gather and analyze data related to the education of Roma children.
The World Bank today calls Roma inclusion "a great development
economic exclusion of Roma in Central and Eastern Europe, the World Bank
After socialism collapsing, many of the poorly qualified Roma citizens lost their jobs and their incomes in the traditional niche.
Thus, in the political transition process in Eastern Europe, Roma became the main targets of the nationalist feelings.
In 2004 World Health Organization tested the blood of the Roma kids for lead detection and the results for 90% of the kids were higher than the medical devices were set to measure.
Cases of emergency medical services failing to respond in an efficient manner the assistance requests of the Roma were reported all over Europe.
In World War II, up to half of all Roma were killed by the Nazis in the Porraijmos, or Roma Holocaust, an atrocity not officially commemorated until the 1990s.