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Synonyms for roly-poly

Synonyms for roly-poly

well-rounded and full in form

Synonyms for roly-poly

a rotund individual

pudding made of suet pastry spread with jam or fruit and rolled up and baked or steamed

short and plump

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Roly Poly, who has emerged from the shadow of stablemate Winter, might not be done just yet.
He will have plenty more opportunities in Britain, Ireland and around the world to complete the astonishing haul and Roly Poly can get him to within two at Headquarters.
And, with Ryan Moore on board, Roly Poly will make a bold bid to give Ballydoyle its 23 top-level success of 2017.
My belly yearned for the sticky toffee pudding, the jam roly poly or the treacle sponge but my head wanted something lighter.
Prior to that, the daughter of Distorted Humor was an eye-catching third behind Roly Poly in the Group 1 Falmouth Stakes in July course in July
Roly Poly is talented and battle-hardened and likes the track, so it will be a surprise if she is not involved in the finish.
They hope to release Roly Poly back into the wild when he slims down to 2lb.
The new Aunt Bessie's Chocolate Roly Poly will also be launched.
As per the survey, two thirds said they would be disappointed to see traditional British puddings like chocolate sponge and jam roly poly disappear from school canteens.
They could always just have rolled roly poly boss Bobby Williamson across the pitch to level it out.
ROLY poly Eamon Holmes has battled the bulge for years.
They're going to have to rename jam roly poly as pinwheel dessert with hot raspberry coulis.
Others in the top 10 were roly poly Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles, Russell Brand, Little Britain star David Walliams and The Office's Martin Freeman.