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(trademark) a desktop rotary card index with removable cards

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A few days later I noticed the old Rolodexes on a shelf, stuffed to the gills with orange, blue, green and white cards, some tattered, some not.
"Relationship quality" reflects practical issues, such as whether primary care physicians were satisfied with consult relationships, whether they had mental health professionals in their rolodexes, and whether they tried to contact those professionals via phone or e-mail, she said.
The relationship quality component--the most influential in terms of whether a physician's patients received ER and hospital care--reflects practical issues, such as whether primary care physicians were satisfied with consult relationships, had mental health professionals in their rolodexes, or tried to contact the professionals via phone or e-mail.
"We had no computers, no phones, no Rolodexes, no camera equipment."
Case in point -- a majority of the real estate sector cards chosen at random from two Rolodexes shared the title "director," From "senior managing director" to "senior executive managing director" to "director," determining who is above whom can be very dicey.
Both represent a new breed of African American entrepreneurs, those who have used their sterling credentials, mainstream business and political experience and powerful Rolodexes to build up black-owned enterprises.
That leaves $208 billion as the value of its patents, copyrights, trade secrets, brand name, presence on Rolodexes of customers, and the brains of its 25,000 employees.
And that, increasingly, is only those who are millionaires and those with large rolodexes of $250-$1,000 contributors.
Magic Cap is General Magic's operating system that can coordinate Rolodexes, file namecards, and create and send e-mail and fax messages.
One CPA whose office was destroyed "walked through the rubble picking up pans of Rolodexes, computer disks and so on, not even knowing if they were his because there were several CPAs in the same building," said Bateson.
While some issuers have learned how to tap an "informal angel network," says Zuppone, "not everyone has Rolodexes with those kinds of contacts." Taulli says that, at their most basic level, private placements are really designed to be generated by an individual or group's personal network, from pre-existing relationships.
Looking down the list of artists, at times one could almost hear Rolodexes revolving: Le Consortium, for example, has worked before with Bertrand Lavier, Maurizio Cattelan, Philippe Parreno, Pierre Huyghe, and Yayoi Kusama, while Pontegnie has organized shows by Christopher Wool, Mike Kelley, and Franz West.
Isn't it worth a little experimenting to find out what would happen if we cleaned out the Rolodexes and learned to listen to new voices?
One company that fits Edwards' bill is Newell (NYSE: NWL), which makes houseware products, such as Pyrex cookware; office products, including Stuart Hall school supplies and Rolodexes; and hardware and home furnishing products, like Kirsch window treatments.