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(trademark) a desktop rotary card index with removable cards

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"We are the card file of choice in the office, but people haven't been making that leap [to bring Rolodex to the home office]."
And what our Rolodex reporter also knows without saying is that it's much more difficult to find middle ground sources than it is to let the screamers on the fringes perform once again.
Whether they're salespeople or soccer moms, they need to organize, retrieve and manage their information," and the new Rolodex products were designed for those functions, he said.
"I had my computer, dining room table, phone and my rolodex. My largest initial expenditure, $16,000, was used for stationery and brochures.
Meanwhile, I have a big blank page here in the Rolodex under "Shot-putters, Fabulous" and am open to any numbers you might want to pass along.
He also said the companies would most likely be added to its office product division, based on its most recent additions of Eldon and Rolodex.
LONDON The new topper of Babelsburg is bringing a Rolodex stuffed with top Hollywood and German biz names to the Berlin studios.
Whatever, Mumford is a reminder of the need to constantly update the Rolodex with sources of specialized information that an individual critic may never grasp.
Admitting that sex in public places isn't anything new, the station instead used as its hook a Web site that lists by country, state, city, and university the best places for men to have anonymous sex with other men -- a virtual Rolodex of the planet's most active rest rooms, libraries, parks, and freeway underpasses.
The company pointed to additional sales from Rolodex, Kirsh and Rubbermaid Office Products -- all acquired in the first six months of 1997 -- along with strong shipments of back-to-school products at its core office products company as reasons for the sales gain.
Dubbed "a broadcast refugee" by the NYSE, Gharib has cheerfully adopted the moniker as she operates out of a tote bag with her cell phone, a pad of paper, pencils and new Rolodex.
With her impressive credentials and fat Rolodex of contacts, she organized a group of 12 African American investment bankers and business leaders to plot the founding of the bank.
With Newell's purchase of Rolodex final an agreement to buy Rubbermaid's office products division awaiting regulatory approval, Newell Office's Kathy Evens, vice president of merchandising, speaks confidently of a wider impact at retail and increased customer satisfaction, and with eagerness of plans to expand the Rolodex brand.
Freeport, Ill.-based Newell, which had 1996 revenue of $2.9 billion, is known for the strength of its office products division, which includes the Rogers, Keene and Rolodex brands, the last acquired earlier this year.
More than a glorified Rolodex, a database is a tool for attracting customers