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a strong tissue paper that burns evenly and is sufficiently porous to control the burning of the tobacco in a cigarette

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Good Times USA's product line includes traditional cigarillos, natural-leaf cigarillos, natural-leaf palma cigars, hemp papers, cones, pipe tobacco cigars, filtered cigars, premium cigars, wraps, rolling papers, and natural rustic cigars.
Shine Papers has qualified important growth and notoriety since it came into the marketplace previous year, with the invention of tattooed blunts and 24K gold rolling papers, which were used as tour merchandise by pot lover Miley Cyrus.
said that the gold rolling papers is not an everyday product because of the price point, but customers who like it are returning to reorder.
22, including the implication of rolling papers, roll-your-own tobacco and little cigars.The FDA stated the "special rule" prohibits a cigarette or its component parts -- including the tobacco, filter or paper -- from containing ingredients, additives, herbs, spices, and artificial or natural flavors other than tobacco or menthol.
Another measure before the committee would impose a new $5 per package tax on rolling papers used to roll tobacco and marijuana (H 3949).
A page in the Newcastle-born adult comic showed a scantilyclad woman with cigarette rolling papers appearing to float out of her handbag.
The legislation also raises federal levies on cigars, rolling papers and other tobacco-related products.
A spokesman for Imperial Tobacco said yesterday: "We manufacture and sell rolling papers for the use of adult tobacco smokers.
As a tribute to Mendocino's most (in)famous agricultural crop--no, I'm not talking about grapes--the bright orange label is about the same size and shape as a package of Zig-Zag rolling papers, and is printed with a similar font.
IMPERIAL Tobacco yesterday said it was pleased to see some provision for smokers in the government's new proposals, as it announced company profits had hit an all-time high The maker of Lambert & Butler cigarettes and Rizla rolling papers said underlying profits of pounds 1.12bn for the year to September 30 were 11% higher than the previous 12 months and that despite a shrinking cigarette market in the UK and Germany, profits in both countries improved as the company was able to strip out costs.
Following the closure of the Treforest facility it will concentrate production of rolling papers at its larger site at Wilrijk, Belgium.
Imperial Tobacco, which makes Lambert & Butler cigarettes and Rizla rolling papers, was reported at the weekend to be planning an pounds 8bn offer for Spanish rival Altadis.
After the alarm was triggered the Portland guard placed the drug and rolling papers into a plastic security bin and told officers that the drug was his.
The inmate had been caught carrying tobacco, rolling papers and lighters.
The magazine promotion for Zig Zag rolling papers showed two attractive women with the words "smooth skins" tattooed on their shoulders.