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(trademark) an in-line skate

travel on shoes with a single line of rubber wheels attached to their soles

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For example, with roller blades in the small mixing bowl, a batch size of 49g was used for the polystyrene/polyethylene blend.
Each day she roller blades to and from Acocks Green where she works as an auxiliary nurse looking after elderly people at the Christadelphian Home and Hospital.
Bizarre items of lost property ranging from a wheelchair, to roller blades and a digital Sky TV receiver went under the hammer yesterday.
So I urge anyone out thereA who has found a little grey purse with roller blades printed on it and a key ring attached to it , please contact us as you will contribute in making a little girl very happy again.
Trading Standards officer David Morton said yesterday the adapted inline roller blades could hit speeds of up to 20mph.
Since leaving London in 1994, he has also used kayaks, mountain bikes and roller blades to carry him round the world - around 35,000 miles so far.
He added: "For many years we have had a rules against using roller blades or skateboards in the centre.
One of the guys has roller blades cut into the rubber feet and he just sort of hovers there,'' Walker says, ``That ended up, I think, being a great piece of clowning.
He rang his bosses and they agreed that the company would not only give her a set of roller blades but all the gear that goes with them as well.
You can go along on your roller blades for about three or four miles," said Julie.
Since setting out from London in July, 1994, Midlander Steve Smith and Jason Lewis have conquered the Channel and the Atlantic in their pounds 25,000, 26ft pedaoat, and have crossed the United States by bicycle and roller blades.
In addition, the European editions include six new modern tokens, including a pair of roller blades, a mobile phone, a hamburger, a plane, a race car, and a skateboard.
The proposals include a multi-use sports games area, a wheels area for bikes, skateboards and roller blades, and a children's playground.
Three judges at the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh granted a reprieve to Kez more than a year after the Alsatian-whippet cross made a 12-year-old girl on roller blades fall over and graze her elbow by tugging at her jeans with her teeth.
The overall winner will win a summer outdoor kit, including a bicycle, roller blades and much more.