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make a rolling motion or turn

negociate to repay a loan at a later date for an additional fee

re-invest (a previous investment) into a similar fund or security

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Another thrill seeker who promises to put on a show is stunt girl Abby Baker who will strive to put audiences on the edge of their seats as she performs her own car crashes and roll-overs.
Aside from the side-impact crash at a crossroads, roll-overs tend to happen when a vehicle slides to one side and meets an obstacle: a kerb or a bank or even just a change of road surface.
State-chartered credit unions are not eligible for the program, but many offer similar programs, such as Listerhill's Better Choice loan option, which provides short-term loans for between $250 and $500 with an 18% APR and 30-day repayment term and also do not permit roll-overs.
Muscat, Apr 14 (ONA) Fourteen people died and 177 others were injured in 141 traffic accidents last week(April 7-13) which included 57 collisions, 38 collisions with stationary objects and 26 roll-overs, 20 run-over incidents.
In contrast, in the United States where there are more sprawling open spaces, the emphasis is on vehicle safety systems to prevent roll-overs or collisions with other fast-moving vehicles.
The roll-overs amounted to US$500 million in the first quarter of 2010-11.
Advantages common to all the packages include a simple intuitive interface, easy roll-overs, audit checks and warnings, and free training.
With precise load management details available to operators at all times, the system significantly reduces the potential for costly and dangerous overloading, tip-overs, roll-overs and other accidents.
Since the beginning of the year 2010 already there were nine reported accidents -- none deadly but five of which were assessed as "serious," including two traffic roll-overs.
As are vendor roll-overs - where the seller rolls over value in the target into the purchasing vehicle.
To achieve the rating, Fiat designers examined every possible type of accident: front and side impacts, roll-overs and rear-end collisions, all at varying speeds.
After an injury they can remain weak, so the ankle is poorly protected from further roll-overs.
In a special session last April, the Oregon Legislature passed a law limiting charges on short-term loans to $10 per $100 on original loans and no more than 36 percent annual interest on subsequent roll-overs, which were limited to two.
With safety being a key design target for Volvo, both of the new trucks incorporate Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST), an advanced vehicle stability system designed to protect drivers against the dangers of roll-overs, as well as a higher level of security from jackknifes.