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  • verb

Synonyms for roll up

form into a cylinder by rolling

arrive in a vehicle: "He rolled up in a black Mercedes"

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make into a bundle

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close (a car window) by causing it to move up, as with a handle

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form a cylinder by rolling

show certain properties when being rolled


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She's got the roll ups spot on and the top and heels really work, too.
Business plan includes two roll ups with present EBITDA $500,000, the team also has substantial experience in acquiring and developing successful small to mid-level music labels.
From Ham and Broccoli Roll Ups with Mustard Sauce; Beef Sandwiches a la Stroganoff; Lamb with Snow Peas; and Sauteed Olives in Wine; to Cauliflower Escabeeche; Fried Green Tomatoes; Crepes a la Jubilee; and Peach Melba, The Sensational Skillet Cookbook fully lives up to its title
Roll ups are the simultaneous merger of a number of companies, most often privately held companies.
No doubt about it Well, so are Fruit Roll Ups, Fruit Wrinkles, and Fun Fruits.
1 with advanced portfolio roll ups, tiered timesheet approvals, additional custom fields, and enhanced search.
Kid Cuisine's 13 meal varieties include chicken breast nuggets, pizza, cheeseburger, macaroni and cheese, taco roll ups, fish sticks, and more.