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This addition of the iconic Rolaids brand is expected to bolster Sanofi's US Consumer Healthcare business.
Having done extensive research earlier this year on the science of sabermetrics (the statistical analysis of baseball), your Field Correspondent was duly stunned by a recent news release about the Rolaids Relief Man Award.
Some bare essentials should include cable ties, a cell phone, safety pins, vehicle lock de-icer, aspirin, Rolaids, duct table, twenty feet of decoy cord, and, of course, toilet paper in a zipper-top bag 'cause socks ain't cheap.
Pfizer's over-the-counter business includes top-selling brands such as Sudafed decongestant, Listerine mouthwash and Rolaids antacid and it is thought the move would transform GSK into the world's biggest maker of non-prescription drugs, in addition to being the second-largest prescription-drugs supplier.
Rolaids (antacids) has made its name an integral part of Major League Baseball by sponsoring the annual Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the Year award.
There was a bag containing Preparation H, a pair of drugstore reading glasses, a four pack of Rolaids, Aleve, and Metamucil.
Similarly, over on Fox, Bernie Mac pops Rolaids while ranting about life's injustices and his stomach pains on The Bernie Mac Show.
The folks at Rolaids, who hand out the annual award for relief pitching, have tallied "tough" saves since 2000, defined as having the tying run on base when the reliever enters.
Alka-Seltzer, Maalox, Tums, and Rolaids can interfere with the stomach's absorption of Agenerase, Crixivan, Rescriptor, and Reyataz, while Axid, Pepcid, Tagamet, and Zantac should be entirely avoided by those taking Crixivan, Rescriptor, and Reyataz.
label 5 Rx users--digestive Rx only 64% Rx & OTC 36% All other 28% Tums 30 Pepcid 12 Rolaids 9 Maalox 8 Mylanta 7 Zantac 6 Note: Table made from pie chart.
"More than 38 million Americans see a doctor for a digestive disorder and that doesn't count those self medicating with products like Tums or Rolaids," she said.
Savvy sponsors should treat the showcase like a football halftime show, with the "Rolaids Party Platform Moment," "MasterCard 'Voting Is Priceless' Sweepstakes" and "Republican National Convention: Brought to You by Halliburton."
"Rolaids and Tums should be vying for his endorsement services.
Warner-Lambert's headquarters in Morris Plains, New Jersey, will become the base for the consumer products division, which will include household names such as Listerine, Rolaids, Bain de Soleil and Visine.