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Strawberry, fresh, tobacco, and fresh fruit were the attributes that better define the sensory profile of Rojal monovarietal wines.
Dimension 1 was separated clearly between the Tortosi, Moravia Dulce, and wines obtained by blending of Cencibel and Tortosi grape varieties, situated on the positive x-axis, and monovarietal Rojal wines and Cencibel-Rojal and Cencibel-Moravia Dulce co-winemaking wines.
Each monovarietal wine had its own sensory profile; Rojal wine showed strawberry, fresh fruit, tobacco, and sweet and raspberry notes; Moravia Dulce presented similar profile to that of Rojal wine with lower intensity in strawberry and fresh fruit aromas, but Moravia Dulce wine showed a higher intensity in sweet character.
Vacas/Cows But even in the slick, mystery, La ardilla rojal The Red Squirrel (1993), the heroine, Sofia Fuentes (Emma Suarez) has suffered from amnesia aftera motorbicycle accident that conveniently allows her to forget about her marriage to the domineering Felix (Carmelo Gomez).
On the title page of his quarto, Ferdinand Albrecht wrote "Acted at the Theatre Rojal in Covent=Garden, the 26 of 7ber [September].
13 shilling," and on the title page of The Parson's Wedding he recorded a performance "Acted at the Theatre Rojal in Covent=garden, in the Month 8ber [October].