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any of a group of synthetic steroid hormones used to stimulate muscle and bone growth

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When he first started advocating for non-medical use of testosterone therapy, Shugart says the practice was "associated with steroid users, drug cheats, and 'roid rage.'" But today, "there are low-T centers and men's health clinics right next to Whole Foods and Super Cuts that routinely prescribe testosterone."
The "Roid Rage" strategy aims to potentiate the effects of a common virus by expressing components of a deadly virus, such as expressing Ebola virus RNA sequences into the common flu virus.
When Moat went on the run after killing Chris Brown and seriously injuring former girlfriend Samantha Stobbart and PC David Rathband, there was speculation that the cause of his aggression was down to "roid rage", a term used to describe potential side effects caused by hormonal changes as a result of bodybuilding drugs.
They are trying to say it's "roid rage" but it's not."
"There's also 'roid rage' which is definitelypart of theproblem-guyswant to ventthatlevelofaggressioninthegymto work harder and longer and pump biggerandheavierweights,butitmaymake those that are already pre-disposed to violence more aggressive and possibly spill out in a domestic situation.
Ministers will also ban 24 different anabolic steroids used by bodybuilders but linked to extreme anger known as "roid rage", stunted growth and fertility problems.
In "Eastbound & Down," McBride stars as Kenny Powers, a foul-mouthed relief pitcher, whose 'roid rage and declining fastball boot him out of baseball and bring him back to his hometown as a substitute teacher.
Despite the side effects--zits, 'roid rage, depression, even beginning to grow breasts--he persists in taking them, and he does well on the field.
The most famous one being the 'roid rage' that some bodybuilders who indulge in the juice feel due to hormone overload.
Even worse, steroid users have reported heart attacks, strokes, and violent behavior called "roid rage." Scientists are still trying to learn how anabolic steroids may be linked to these problems.
More controversial effects of steroid use may be psychiatric, since many observers report "big-time depression" and suicidality associated with discontinuation of steroids and overly aggressive behavior, or "roid rage," during active use.
Many scientists believe that steroids act on the limbic system and cause some users to experience out-of-control feelings of violent aggression called roid rage.