Rocky Mountain bighorn

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wild sheep of mountainous regions of western North America having massive curled horns

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Evaluation of an augmentation of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep at Badlands National Park, South Dakota.
I did some research, and my information suggested I should focus on hunting for a Rocky Mountain bighorn.
Association of Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae infection with population-limiting respiratory disease in free-ranging Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis canadensis).
Key words: Bibersteinia trehalosi, Glacier National Park, metapopulation, Ovis canadensis canadensis, Pasteurella trehalosi, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep
Although this language has a rhetorical toxicity outside of hunting culture, groups like FNAWS, which now has 19,000 members and has auctioned the right to kill a single Rocky Mountain bighorn for as much as $405,000, are part of an old tradition in American hunting, one that has seen a dramatic resurgence in the last few years.
This species has been traditionally divided into seven subspecies, including Rocky Mountain bighorn (O.
In return, we spent two weeks with the Chinese delegation, first in Arizona, home of the desert bighorn (Ovis canadensis arizonai), and then in Montana, home of the Rocky Mountain bighorn (Ovis canadensis).
Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep climb on gentler slopes at slightly lower elevations than the goats.
Desert bighorn also tend to be smaller, with rams weighing just 150 to 200 pounds--100 to 150 pounds less than Rocky Mountain bighorn rams.
The bus meandered through lushly landscaped grounds - the zoo, with 6,800 forms of plant life, doubles as a botanical garden, the bus driver told us - and past meercats, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, elephants, monkeys and two North Chinese leopards, to name just a few creatures.
The disease is a strain of pneumonia called Pasteurella haemolytica; its victims are the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep that roam Hells Canyon National Recreation Area and nearby national forests.
In 2014, I won the Arizona Rocky Mountain Bighorn Auction Tag during the Arizona Sheep Society Convention in Phoenix.
Experimental contact transmission of Pastuerella haemolytica from clinically normal domestic sheep causing pneumonia in Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.
A rough, high, frigid place like that is where we expect to see the Rocky Mountain bighorn .
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