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a city in western New York

a town in southeast Minnesota

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The good Parry wants to speak to me, I believe: please order them to row to the shore, my Lord Rochester.
Let us land, gentlemen," said Henrietta, taking the arm which Rochester offered her, although Buckingham was nearer to her, and had presented his.
said Rochester, "how sad your royal highness is to-day; in truth we seem ridiculous fools to you, madam.
Neither Rochester nor the princess made any reply; Henrietta only urged her companion more quickly on.
Ah, madam," said Rochester, coming charitably to the help of his companion, who had remained, as we have said, behind, "if Parry cannot see your royal highness, the man who follows him is a sufficient guide, even for a blind man, for he has eyes of flame.
Buckingham, the princess, and Rochester looked at each other.
And she took the arm of Rochester whilst Buckingham took that of D'Artagnan.
Since it is so, sir," said Buckingham, "pardon my indiscretion, I beg you; and if, at any time, I should go into France " and he turned round to take a last look at the princess, who took but little notice of him, totally occupied as she was, or appeared to be, with Rochester.
Rochester had directed should be used as the schoolroom.
To be sure I am distantly related to the Rochesters by the mother's side, or at least my husband was; he was a clergyman, incumbent of Hay--that little village yonder on the hill--and that church near the gates was his.
Almost all the land in this neighbourhood, as far as you can see, has belonged to the Rochesters time out of mind.
And yet it is said the Rochesters have been rather a violent than a quiet race in their time: perhaps, though, that is the reason they rest tranquilly in their graves now.
Pickwick's notes of the four towns, Stroud, Rochester, Chatham, and Brompton, that his impressions of their appearance differ in any material point from those of other travellers who have gone over the same ground.
5] Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA.
ROCHESTER, NY Wolfe, Carolyn Sibley in Rochester, NY on May 20, 2008.
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