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British politician (1788-1850)

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The Peel Society was formed 40 years ago to commemorate the foundation of the Metropolitan Police by Robert Peel in 1829.
A spokesperson said: "In 2015, when we last held breast screening in Tamworth, the service was hosted by Sir Robert Peel Hospital.
She's just one of several true-life figures who pop Tom Ward up, like poet William Blake (Steven Berkoff) and Sir Robert Peel (Tom Ward from Silent Witness).
PEEL AND DISRAELI | Who was Robert Peel? Sir Robert Peel was Prime Minister from 1834 to 1835 and from 1841 to 1846.
It focuses on the turbulent early years of her reign, as she became caught in a power struggle between her mother, her mother's mentor, Lord Melbourne, and Robert Peel.
Sir Robert Peel was a rare breed of politician, wrote Richard Walker in 1950.
The Tory, who died last year aged 87, is remembered with wartime leader Winston Churchill, police force creator Robert Peel and Charles Grey, who abolished slavery.
Sir Robert Peel's ability to generate both lively debate among professional historians and continued attention from non-specialists is a bit of a puzzle.
Sir Robert Peel; statesmanship, power, and party, 2d ed.
Although he shunned public attention and had little personal ambition, Croker ranked with Robert Peel, George Canning, and his Whig rival Henry Brougham as one of the leading debaters in the Commons.
For example, three times in the same chapter one reads that Robert Peel tripled the funding for the Catholic Maynooth seminary.
In volunteering as reserve officers, they are joining a long tradition of citizen and community policing that extends back into history even prior to the establishment of the first police department in 1829 by Sir Robert Peel in London.