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British politician (1788-1850)

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The bolder option would to follow in the footsteps of the great Conservative reformers of the past like Robert Peel and Disraeli.
WATCH IT EMIL serving monarch in The Victoria (BBIt focuses on the turbulent early years of her reign, as she became caught in a power struggle between her mother, her mother's mentor, Lord Melbourne, and Robert Peel.
Sir Robert Peel, who grew up in Tamworth, Staordshire, became the town's MP and was Prime Minister twice in the 19th century.
If Churchill was one of Britain's greatest, and most polymathic, prime ministers of the last century, the same can be said of Sir Robert Peel 100 years earlier.
The Tory, who died last year aged 87, is remembered with wartime leader Winston Churchill, police force creator Robert Peel and Charles Grey, who abolished slavery.
To cover the Queens Hospital site in Burton-on-Trent, with the option to include Samuel Johnson Community Hospital in Lichfield and Sir Robert Peel Hospital in Tamworth, upon expiry of their existing contracts in June 2015
The former home and foreign secretary was set to give a reading at a service to mark the 225th anniversary of the birth of Sir Robert Peel.
Greater Manchester Police has blown the cash on a pair of murals commemorating Bury-born police founder Sir Robert Peel at the pounds 64million complex in Newton Heath.
Sir Robert Peel remains as controversial today as he was in his lifetime.
Although he shunned public attention and had little personal ambition, Croker ranked with Robert Peel, George Canning, and his Whig rival Henry Brougham as one of the leading debaters in the Commons.
For example, three times in the same chapter one reads that Robert Peel tripled the funding for the Catholic Maynooth seminary.
In volunteering as reserve officers, they are joining a long tradition of citizen and community policing that extends back into history even prior to the establishment of the first police department in 1829 by Sir Robert Peel in London.
But the painting's owner in the 1800s, London police pioneer Sir Robert Peel, asked for it to be changed so it could be distinguished from the original.
Sir Robert Peel, whom Gatrell finds particularly objectionable, did respond to heart-rending pleas with a cold efficiency, but Peel was also utterly committed to the disinterested pursuit of justice.
Gladstone's high abilities were early recognized by his party (Whig), and during the short - lived administration of Sir Robert Peel (December 1834 - April 1835), he was first made junior lord of the treasury and then undersecretary for the colonies.