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United States sociologist (1910-2003)

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Barbara Shapiro (1968) vuelve a convocar desde las paginas de Past and Present "una escuela de sociologos orientados historicamente y de historiadores de orientacion marxista, que comienza con Max Weber y culmina con Robert Merton y Christopher Hill" que ha sostenido una intima relacion entre el puritanismo y "la innovacion cientifica" en la Inglaterra del siglo XVII (SHAPIRO 1968, p.
Sociologist Robert Merton popularized the term in his 1936 paper, "The Unanticipated Consequences of Purposive Social Action." Armey's definition involved unforeseen consequences; Merton used a slightly different definition.
Se seguirmos a observacao de Robert Merton, (3) quem afirma que todas as teorias sao autorrealizantes, devemos, como cientistas sociais, celebrar as timidas mudancas apontadas por Ferreira, pois elas sinalizam que as pecas do quebra-cabeca estao em mutacao; que outras formas de rupturas e outras transgressoes se desenham para as proximas geracoes de mulheres.
Thus he identifies Paul of Tarsus; Walt Whitman; Charles Cooley, a sociologist who first helped define communication theory early in the 20th century; David Sarnoff, who spearheaded the radio broadcast model of mass communication in the 1920s and 1930s; and Robert Merton, another sociologist who collaborated for a decade in the 1940s at Colombia University with Paul Lazarsfeld to help refine the term as it was introduced as an academic field at mid-century.
This might raise some hackles amongst my fellow academics, but the truth is that the bankers around the globe bought into risk management systems largely designed by three economists: Fischer Black, Myron Scholes and Robert Merton (Scholes and Merton were both awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1997 for their work, Black had died in 1995).
Three Nobel Economics Prize winners--Daniel McFadden, Robert Merton, and Eric Maskin--put their names to it, as did several university presidents anda host of economics professors from Ivy League institutions and other bastions of liberalism.
Thus, Robert Merton, William Sharpe, and Harry Markowitz, all major figures in the first volume, reappear in the sequel.
Nobel economics prizewinner Robert Merton suggested the way to make the mega-bailouts of banks, carmakers and other companies more palatable to the public.
Dean Light and Nobel Prize Laureate Robert Merton, explicated causes leading to the financial meltdown.
As Robert Merton explained, objectivity is achieved more from the process of continuous sceptical inquiry than the integrity of individual studies.