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Scottish author (1850-1894)

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I have always had a fondness for Robert Louis Stephenson, dating back to when I read another cracking quote of his.
15 (35) - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Robert Louis Stephenson, 15,591
"Officers have seized a number of calligraphy pens with ink and approximately 30 books by authors such as Tolkein, TS Eliott and Robert Louis Stephenson."
The group i n c l u d e d Oscar Wilde, Robert Louis Stephenson and Rudyard Kipling.
The group included Oscar Wilde, Robert Louis Stephenson and Rudyard Kipling.
The inside of this intriguing flat iron-shaped building is a haven for the maritime-minded, and its simple rustic feel puts you in mind of what Robert Louis Stephenson may have been thinking about with Treasure Island's Admiral Benbow
But with any luck the denouement to 2006-7 won't follow the same course as the famed Robert Louis Stephenson novel.
When Pamela Stephenson, wife of Billy Connolly, told her family that she'd decided to sail off across the high seas, retracing the travels of Robert Louis Stephenson's wife Fanny, her husband greeted her with the words, "But we don't belong in the ocean.
The menu, which is likely to be available at most city schools, is inspired by Robert Louis Stephenson's classic adventure Treasure Island.
Southport, Friday, July 6 until Sunday, July 8 THEATRE Treasure Island Come dressed in your finest pirate regalia for this steampunkinspired re-imagining of Robert Louis Stephenson's pirate epic.
WBut the tale by Robert Louis Stephenson completely enthralled her - so much so that she re-read it several times over the years - and has now adapted it for Music Theatre Wales' new opera production The Devil Inside.