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American Revolutionary leader who served in the Continental Congress and as minister to France (1746-1813)


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Buying Louisiana posits Robert Livingston as the hero of the piece, which is an interesting idea.
New York Chancellor Robert Livingston inaugurated President Washington on April 30, 1789 on the balcony of Federal Hall in New York City.
Born Tinsley Randolph Mercer, she married Robert Livingston Mortimer, a New York scion known as Topper, in 2002.
For Robert Livingston, the only committee member who did not sign the Declaration, the following websites should be useful:
The lobbying firms dropping Egypt as a client include the Livingston Group, run by former Representative Robert Livingston, Republican of Louisiana; the Moffett Group, run by former Representative Toby Moffett, Democrat of Connecticut; and the Podesta Group, owned by Tony Podesta, one of the most powerful lobbyists in Washington, the report said.
"Being selfish makes you seem more dominant and being dominant makes you seem more attractive as a leader, especially when there's competition," co-author Robert Livingston, of the Kellogg School, told
He sent Robert Livingston to Paris with an authorization to offer $10 million for the port of New Orleans.
Western, starring Robert Livingston and Ray Corrigan 1938***
In New York, Governor Hunter had purchased 6,000 acres of land from Robert Livingston's Patent for 400 [pounds sterling] sterling.
It was named the Clermont, for the huge Hudson River estate of Robert Fulton's partner, Robert Livingston, who had funded the project.
He turned his attention to steamships with the backing of the oddly named Robert Robert Livingston, the wealthy American minister to France, who had acquired the exclusive right to operate steamships in New York State.
Bach, Clearwater Tura Schnebly, Deland Robert Livingston IV, Gainesville Elizabeth A.
Negotiating the Louisiana Purchase; Robert Livingston's mission to France, 1801-1804.
minister to France, Robert Livingston, to approach the French foreign minister, Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, and negotiate for the purchase of New Orleans.
Robert Livingston, director of Hi-Arts, said the scheme offered a different approach to the idea of a writers' residency.