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Scottish architect who designed many public buildings in England and Scotland (1728-1792)


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Harewood House, near Leeds, built for Edwin Lascelles by John Carr of York and Robert Adam, has some of the most outstanding furniture ever produced for what was Chippendale's most important single commission.
Robert Adam co-founded the practice (as Winchester Design) in 1986, and has worked with technical director Paul Hanvey for more than 30 years (including at a previous incarnation of the practice).
The Duke took his classical studies seriously, even commissioning the young Robert Adam to refurbish all three of his main residences; meanwhile, Baroness Percy indulged her penchant for visiting Germany and the Low Countries, where she acquired an interesting collection of Dutch paintings.
In some ways, Piranesi was the dark side of the Enlightenment, while his friend Robert Adam epitomised the light.
Basics SOME are pieces of great architectural importance, some demonstrate the extraordinary craftsmanship of names such as Robert Adam, some are quirky and unusual - and all are fine examples of their period.
Justice Eady was told that there had been "persistent and flagrant" planning breaches, with the 18th century Robert Adam mansion having been used for a number of years for commercial rather than residential purposes.
00pm) The presenter follows in the footsteps of architect Robert Adam.
Displaying a rich variety of architectural styles and details, internationally important collec-Among the architects who have worked on the buildings are John and Robert Adam, Sir Robert Rowand Anderson, William Burges, Horatio Walter Lonsdale and Robert Weir Schultz.
The original Observatory House to the southwest of the site was begun by Thomas Short, telescope maker, in 1776 and completed in 1792 to a design by James Craig with advice from Robert Adam.
Prior to joining, Goldsby, who specializes in urban planning and architecture, served as project manager with Robert Adam Architects in Winchester, U.
Its architect Robert Adam was no 'Palladian' but his bridge design shared the following features with the Rialto design: the incorporation of rows of shops; a pavilion constructed on each bank; central pediments facing both upstream and down; the whole carried on three semicircular arches of equal size.
Robert Adam had stolen the pounds 20,000 collection bit by bit from his unsuspecting boss Peter Stewart-Blacker.
The articles include names from history such as Lachlan Macquarie, Brisbane and John Macarthur as well as John Fraser, carpenter and builder, John Forsyth Geddes, a grocer, David Lennox, engineer and Robert Adam Ritchie, manufacturer and Member of Parliament.
The cochairs of the ad hoc group now include Lautenbacher; Akio Yuki, the Japanese deputy minister of education, culture, sports, science, and technology; Achilleas Mitsos, director-general of research with the European Commission; and Robert Adam, South Africa's director-general of science and technology.