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Synonyms for robber

Synonyms for robber

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a thief who steals from someone by threatening violence

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She must have been fed on nut-kernels," said the old female robber, who had a long, scrubby beard, and bushy eyebrows that hung down over her eyes.
I will go into the carriage," said the little robber maiden; and she would have her will, for she was very spoiled and very headstrong.
The little robber maiden looked at her with a serious air, nodded her head slightly, and said, "They shall not kill you, even if I am angry with you: then I will do it myself"; and she dried Gerda's eyes, and put both her hands in the handsome muff, which was so soft and warm.
You shall sleep with me to-night, with all my animals," said the little robber maiden.
Yes,' said the ass, 'if we could only get in'; so they consulted together how they should contrive to get the robbers out; and at last they hit upon a plan.
The coast once clear, our travellers soon sat down and dispatched what the robbers had left, with as much eagerness as if they had not expected to eat again for a month.
But about midnight, when the robbers saw from afar that the lights were out and that all seemed quiet, they began to think that they had been in too great a hurry to run away; and one of them, who was bolder than the rest, went to see what was going on.
Whose good lance,'' replied the robber, ``won the prize in to-day's tourney?
Thou art a saucy groom,'' said the robber, ``but of that anon.
repeated the robber, and paused after he had said the word.
The dead robber swung slowly to and fro in the wintry wind, a fixed smile upon his swarthy face, and his bulging eyes still glaring down the highway of which he had so long been the terror; on a sheet of parchment upon his breast was printed in rude characters;
Despite the fact that every robber was keen to rob every other robber, the band was well organized.
Thereupon the Robber put five hundred pieces of gold into the Cadi's hand.
A robber is more high- toned than what a pirate is -- as a general thing.
I'll stick to the widder till I rot, Tom; and if I git to be a reg'lar ripper of a robber, and everybody talking 'bout it, I reckon she'll be proud she snaked me in out of the wet.