improvised explosive device

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an explosive device that is improvised

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Militiamen and soldiers regularly patrol the highways of Maguindanao, especially in the adjoining towns of Ampatuan, Shariff Aguak, Datu Hofer and Datu Unsay due to frequent roadside bombing attempts by BIFF.
Senior Police Officer 4 Max Kaibat died in another roadside bombing at the border of Shariff Aguak and Datu Hoffer towns on Jan.
Roadside bombings are considered as the main cause of the casualties of the security forces, government employees, and the ordinary civilians.
Near the capital in Kabul province's Kalakan district, local official Rahmat Khan Faqirzada said a roadside bombing likely triggered by a remote control killed two soldiers and wounded a civilian.
Most of police fatalities resulted from roadside bombings and suicide attack, he said, claiming the force was fast gaining the capability of conducting operations professionally and minimising their casualties.
Roadside bombings and other explosions are a key weapon used by Taliban and other insurgents against Afghan troops and members of a US-led foreign force.
On Tuesday, two roadside bombings hit two navy buses, killing four people and injuring dozens more.
A total of28 Afghan civilians have now been killed in three roadside bombings in the last four days.
Sakhi - who masterminded a string of roadside bombings and ambushes as well as the kidnapping and killing of an Afghan security official - was killed as he tried to sneak away in woman's clothing.
In Southern Afghanistan yesterday seven Nato soldiers were killed in separate roadside bombings yesterday.
In other attacks, a pair of roadside bombings targeting police patrols in Baghdad killed at least six passers-by and wounded six others.
Roadside bombings targeting Iraqi soldiers in Baghdad and north of the capital killed six people today, police said.
Many Americans who have family members in Iraq try to ignore daily news reports about roadside bombings, ambushes, and other attacks.
Three American soldiers and their Iraqi interpreter were killed and three other soldiers were wounded in a pair of roadside bombings in central Iraq.
Military and police authorities have blamed the BIFF for the roadside bombings, which they normally resort to, to divert military attention.