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a visual signal to control the flow of traffic at intersections

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Statistical counting of signal: Road signals are identified by random and stationary signals that are time-varying.
Addressing the citizens and labourers on the occasion, the Chief Minister said that like other projects of Punjab government, Jail Road signal free corridor was a masterpiece of transparency and standard.
Currently, Mohammad Bin Zayed City and Ras Al Akhdar area are both home to these road signal control systems which aim to enhance the smooth flow of traffic.
Flyovers on four intersections of Shahrah-i- Pakistan would make the busy road signal free from Sohrab Goth right up to Mazar-e Quaid and make it free of traffic jams.
As per divisional commissioner and chairman Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) Zahid Saeed, under pass will be constructed in joint collaboration with RDA and CDA to make Agha Shahi road, Cricket Stadium road and IJ Principal road signal free and round about will be built therein.
He is in clear breach of the Road Safety Act 1988 which states all road users must comply with the indication given by the road signal.
Shahid Siddique vice chancellor has designed the following route for shuttle service, which will begin from Zeropint to Pakistan monument stop, Faizabad and double road signal.
Contract awarded for Construction of road signal equipment of bongseong rural village
A couple of underpasses, one at Sixth Road Chowk and the other at Double Road Chowk, are also a part of the project to make Murree Road signal free up to Faizabad for streamlining the traffic flow.
The facility will also connect Mathura Road/Purana Quila Road to Ring Road through a 6 lane divided tunnel cutting across Pragati Maidan and shall make Mathura Road signal free.
Prior information notice without call for competition: installation of road signals
A number of NGOs also working to tackle this issue but they do nothing for these people on ground, said Mohammad Khan a resident of G-7, adding that beggars are still seen wandering in small groups to collect alms at different road signals, markets and signals.
The necessary road signals and traffic lights were also installed, he said.
Such automated cars fitted with video cameras, laser range finders and radar sensors avoid colliding other moving or stationary objects and follow road signals accurately.
4 channel guides the masses around-the-clock about the road signals and safety.