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a river in northern England that flows east to the North Sea

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The construction of the new Redheugh Bridge across the River Tyne, January 12, 1981
The clean tyne project is a joint scheme funded by three tyneside councils (gateshead, newcastle & north tyneside) and the port of tyne to clean up the river tyne of debris and litter.
As for our aerial image: of the famous five bridges that then spanned the River Tyne, the Redheugh would be replaced by a new version in 1983, while the Metro Bridge, in 1981, and the Millennium Bridge, in 2001, would be later additions.
We were assisted by the fire brigade in rescuing a woman from the River Tyne.
Recording a verdict of accidental death, coroner Karen Dilks said exactly how the bright first year student ended up in the River Tyne would remain a mystery.
The pounds 22 million Gateshead Millennium Bridge will span the River Tyne, creating a pedestrian and cycling link between the pounds 250 million Gateshead Quays and neighbouring Newcastle's quayside.
Bruce Ironsmith, Chris Schofield, James Little (11) and Anna Little of Northern SUP rpaddle board race team dressed as Santa's and elves on the River Tyne
Oliver said: "Over the last 60 years the River Tyne has acquired the status of a world-class salmon river.
But back in the "glory days" of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, both banks of the industrial River Tyne leading to the sea were home to many major shipbuilders.
Nolan Gray, Port of Tyne business development director, said: "The River Tyne is ideally placed as a major hub for the manufacture and maintenance of wind turbines and to service the offshore supply chain that will grow from it.
20pm this afternoon, we received a report of a man in the River Tyne near to the Swing Bridge.
A MAN'S body has been pulled from the River Tyne in Newcastle.
A MAN pulled from the River Tyne and pronounced dead on the Quayside has been identified.
There is little information with the film so we asked Steve Elwood, a local historian and authority on the River Tyne, to take a look at the rarely seen one-and-half minutes of footage.