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the longest river in England

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We're also keen to speak to anyone who may have seen someone getting out of the River Thames this afternoon.
The Inland Waterways Order 2010 requires all vessels kept or used on the River Thames, to be registered with the Environment Agency and display a valid annual boat registration plate (similar to a vehicle tax disc).
Organisers say he pulled off the stunt on Thursday, while battling high winds and rain to launch himself from one barge to another on the River Thames.
LONDON: Andreea Cristea, who fell into the River Thames during the March 22 terror attack outside the British parliament, has died in hospital, police said Friday, bringing the toll to five.
The London Fire Brigade (LFB) said: "Firefighters were called to a boat sinking on the River Thames close to London Bridge in the early hours of this morning.
Viking Sea is scheduled to leave Istanbul on April 3 on the journey that will bring her to the River Thames in London.
Designed to represent the flow of the River Thames, the 26m unique installation shows how London's universities are educating the next generation of city leaders, educators, planners, creatives, medics, researchers and builders.
This wonderful location will become a focal point for the community with the carefully landscaped gardens, which will bring Woolwich town centre and the River Thames even closer together.
A TOTAL of 250 model lifeboats took to the River Thames in an "Alternative Boat Race" to raise awareness and funds for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).
Twelve firefighters from Brighouse and other West Yorkshire stations have travelled to Berkshire with their water-rescue boats to join the massive operation to help communities affected by the flooding on the River Thames.
Price includes Private coach travel from your local area One night stay with three course evening meal & cooked breakfast Cruise on the River Thames Return trip on the Thames Cable Car The Mary Rose Departs 21 March 2014 The Mary Rose, Henry VIII's magnificent warship, captured the world's imagination when she was raised from the seabed in 1982, after laying there for over 400 years.
Could this porpoise jumping from the River Thames in London be checking to find out where it is?
Flames ripped through the London Duck Tours vessel on a stretch of the River Thames close to Lambeth Bridge.
Twinning in Action: The River Thames, UK, and the Ganges River, India
Each colleague took it in turns to ride the bike to cover the distance of the River Thames.