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a river in the central Netherlands flowing north to the IJsselmeer

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Redevelopment of the public space to the IJsselkade Zutphen, including the installation of a new sewer, replacing the primary water, replacement of a road bridge and replacing a portion of the sheet pile wall construction along the river IJssel.
The project ZBIJ is the main channel of the river IJssel by approximately 2 m deepened between Molenbrug (south of Kampen) and the Island Bridge (north of Kampen).
Crossing the river IJssel will be achieved through horizontal directional drilling.
The area is formed by the upper floodplains of the river IJssel, which is included in the Natura 2000 network of protected sites because of the presence of large areas of several threatened habitats and species.
4 Water Act Water Act the Project Room for the River Deventer (dated May 20, 2011) in proceedings brought before the widening of the river IJssel at the height of Deventer.