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Synonyms for risotto

rice cooked with broth and sprinkled with grated cheese


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(20) Ferreira se remite aqui a la entrevista al Ministro de la Corte Electoral Rodolfo Gonzalez Rissoto (17/4/2010).
It starts with Anti pasto, has entrees including Linguine all'Argosta and Rissoto Zafferano and desserts such as Albicocche al Vino or Gelato di Giandula.
Three types of dishes make up the mains ( pasta and rissoto, meat/fish and pizza.
Eltoni also have a wide range of cooked frozen rice including Long grain, Basmati, Brown Wholegrain, Rissoto etc and even offer spice added versions too (eg.
For the bargain-minded, there's a line of single- serve economical dishes including Chicken Rissoto, which sells for ten francs or under.