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a genus of Laridae

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Borzel and Thomas Risse, starts with questioning the need for "another handbook" (p.
Indeed "identities become salient and are fought over in particular historical moments, especially in times of crisis" (Risse, 2010, p.
Seeq Organizer enables the distribution of time-relative analyses to others in a way that lets the recipient get directly to the underlying data, Risse adds.
Risse also noted that Chevron Technology Partners often invests in technologies used by the company.
Risse, Thomas and Sikkink Kathryn "The Socialization of Human Rights Norms" in The Power of Human Rights International Norms and Domestic Change, Risse Thomas, Ropp C.
4 (April 2010): 14-15; Risse, Ropp, and Sikkink, The Persistent Power of Human Rights, p.
Risse, who lifted the Champions League at Liverpool, said: "Adil is a good technical striker.''
So they approached Risse Greenhouse, located on Chena Hot Springs Road a few miles northeast of Fairbanks.
As Deirdre LaNoue recounts in The Spiritual Legacy of Henri Nouwen (Bloomsbury), a woman named Jan Risse traveled to Nouwen's home to bring greetings from Jean Vanier, LArche's founder.
Yakin zamanda Avrupa kimligi uzerine en kapsamli eserlerden birini yazan Thomas Risse, Avrupa kolektif kimligi ve ulusal/ulusalti kimlikler arasindaki iliskinin uc sekilde dusunulebileceginin altini cizer.
Special guests include Lightnin' Raleden on guitar, Shade Thomas on drums and Memphis session singers Shantelle Norma Beatty and Risse Norman.
A ideia de Hall, segundo a qual o atual descentramento do individuo enterra as crencas iluministas tracadas sobre concepcoes hermeticas de racionalidade e completude, coincide em alguns aspectos com o modelo "bolo de marmore" (marble cake), utilizado por Thomas Risse para ilustrar sua abordagem relativa as identidades na Uniao Europeia (UE).