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the measures taken to control a riot

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Amid scenes of what appeared to be orchestrated violence, following fighting in city centre pubs before the game, around 60 police officers wearing riot gear had to wade in to stop brawls involving 200 rival fans.
Ghayasuddin Siqqiqui, the Parliament's leader, said, ``I don't think the police would have gone in wearing riot gear if these people had been taking refuge in a church or chapel.
West Midlands Police said the operation involved two officers dressed in riot gear and armed with a battering ram.
Police in riot gear charged forward again, forcing hundreds to turn and run backwards.
Prosecutor Clare Dolman told Chesterfield magistrates that violence had been ``advertised'' before the match on the internet and 120 officers were on duty in riot gear.
The 21 coaches containing Birmingham supporters were then escorted from the area and about 50 police officers dressed in riot gear escorted a group of 200 Birmingham City supporters into London Bridge tube station.
Police officers in riot gear moved into the area when sectarian clashes broke out between rival mobs in Duncairn Gardens and North Queen's Street.
Hicks said that while LAPD officers may have appeared more menacing in their dark blue or black riot gear than did Philadelphia officers, who wore shorts and kibitzed with demonstrators, he was more concerned with their behavior.
However, two people, including a TV cameraman, were injured as the security forces in riot gear pushed the demonstrators towards the loyalist Corcrain estate and Edgarstown.
Police in riot gear later came under repeated attack from missile-hurling youths.
POLICE in riot gear used batons to clear a court room yesterday as a man accused of murder was taken from the dock.
Aidan was among around 20 fans beaten by cops in riot gear.
POLICE officers protecting Catholic children going to a north Belfast primary school removed riot gear yesterday after an agreement was struck with loyalist protesters.
Dozens of police wearing full riot gear and carrying shields patrolled entrances to the predominantly Asian area of Stoneyholme.
The national media loved those images of cops in riot gear striding forward, blasting away with rubber bullets.