riot control

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the measures taken to control a riot

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police in riot gear stand guard at the Wolves-Albion game in March.
When the riot police eventually arrived, they stormed down Broad Street in their riot gear and surrounded them just outside.
A POLICE ring of steel with officers in full riot gear kept the lid on the potentially explosive top-of-the-table Black Country derby.
Police in riot gear were forced to surround the Spurs fans after the flare was lit in the Grange End terrace.
Officers in riot gear descended on Bulwer Road, Radford, shortly after 9am.
Gardai in riot gear face protestors in Dublin yesterday
Approaching a house in riot gear with guns drawn, the officers shouted a warning to the occupants that they would knock down the door if it wasn't opened.
Within half an hour police had the town centre hotel surrounded and at about 8am, officers in full riot gear stormed inside.
Match ref Howard Webb kept the players in their dressing room for about 10 minutes while police in riot gear moved in to quell the fighting.
The protest began peacefully on Thursday but officers in riot gear moved in at 12.
Summary: Thousands of riot police in riot gear have stopped government opponents from staging a protest march in the capital of Algeria.
Officers in riot gear carrying guns were seen on Birchen Road in the area, which was cordened off for several hours last night.
POLICE in riot gear battled with demonstrators as more than a million French workers went on strike yesterday.
Dozens of police officers in riot gear flooded the Central Station area following the disturbances in the immediate area.
DETAINEES at an immigration centre "went wild" yesterday after security guards in riot gear removed an inmate from his cell, campaigners said.