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Synonyms for rill

a small stream

a small channel (as one formed by soil erosion)

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Frigoris is often the forgotten mare because it lacks the concentric fractures, sinuous rilles, and magnificent craters common to other major maria.
For something more challenging look a little south of it (below it), using the photo, for the crater Triesnecker, and try to spot the delicate Triesnecker Rilles nearby.
Among a comprehensive census of 195 sinuous rilles compiled by Debra Hurwitz while a graduate student at Brown University (see, only six are known to have skylights.
d ("Adoption of the same choice-of-law rilles by many states will further the ...
At the same Salon where Ingres's Apotheose d'Homere could be seen, Delacroix exhibited a Milton dictant le "Paradis perdu" a ses rilles [Milton Dictating his "Paradise Lost" to his Daughters], an ingenious painting in which the blindness of the poet was emphasized even more by the allusion to those faculties which had not been lost.
les cahlers de la femme, numero special: Meres, rilles et feminisme, vol.
151), 'tres laides, ces pauvres petites rilles qui me tiennent compagnie' (p.119).
Selon Soberanes Reyes (1993), ce processus accelere d'urbanisation est lie a l'industrialisation observee au niveau national Le recensement de 1990 revele une croissance du nombre de rilles de plus d'un million d'habitants ; ce fait pourrait venir changer la configuration urbaine nationale en modifiant la distribution et la hierarchie traditionnelle du systeme urbain mexicain (Delgado 1993).
There are, however, certain volcanic features on the Moon and Mars that may be more unambiguous indicators of high effusion rates: the sinuous rilles. The geometric properties of these meandering channels--widths and depths that decrease away from the source, lengths of tens to a few hundred kilometers--are consistent with the channels being the result of the eruption of a very fluid lava at a very high volume flux for a long time.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau believed that embroidery came naturally to women, and he emphasized the importance of teaching various forms of needlework to girls in the schools, since "presque toutes les petites rilles apprennent avec repugnance a lire et a ecrire; mais quant tenir l'aiguille, c'est ce qu'elles apprennent toujours volontiers" (444).
construction des rilles. Although Garnier was never given the
"When we see a notable change in the gravity field, we can sync up this change with surface topography features such as craters, rilles or mountains," she stated.
Faint fractures can be seen around parts of Mare Nectaris and Mare Tranquillitatis, but the best place to see such bending cracks, or rilles, is along the eastern side of Mare Humorum.