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a very short skirt


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used of women's clothing

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In 2010 Autocar reported BMW were considering a Riley revival with a luxury version of the new MINI reminiscent of the Riley Elf.
A Riley Elf in gravy brown - it's like the Swinging '60s never happened
MODIFIED - the Riley Elf had a Mini bodyshell with an elongated nose and front wing
The first was seen in 1961 as the Wolsely Hornet and Riley Elf. The Riley was the more luxurious and expensive, with an asking price of pounds 493.
Note the Riley Elf sporting a GB sticker - holidays abroad, usually under canvas, were becoming much more common by this time
Among the rarest of the 133 varieties which were made are those built before 1962, the Riley Elf, the Wolseley Hornet and the 1976 Mini 1000 Special.
The pocket limousine is not a new concept - the Riley Elf of the 1960s was basically a Mini with a fancy radiator and a wooden dashboard - but Vauxhall has brought things forward a million years from there.
Second and winner of the sports car and specials class was Tom Hall (Riley Elf) in 702.6 secs.
Heading along the M8, he passed a Riley Elf trundling its way along the inside lane.
There will also be the chance to see old fire engines, the Riley Elf and the Plymouth Cricket.
He did a wrong test early on but his time of 336.7 secs was still enough to leave Tom Hall (Riley Elf) in second on 339.2 secs as drivers were able to drop their worst time.
More than 5.3 million Minis have been made, but rare models include those built before 1962, the Riley Elf, Wolseley Hornet and the 1976 Mini 1000 Special.