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United States poet (1849-1916)

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In a highly anticipated showdown at Kensington Oval, Riley defeated Garner 198 to 112 votes, and said afterwards his vision for the BCA had been at the core of the overwhelming support from the body.
Riley, Hastings was head trader at GPS Partners, a Los Angeles-based hedge fund, where he managed all aspects of trading including pricing and liquidity discovery and trade execution.
Riley's swollen tongue was turning black and doctors told his worried mum that he needed surgery - but it could kill him.
But one thing that marks little Riley out from his team-mates is the 43cm-high and 2.6kg oxygen tank that he is carrying on his back.
Riley's first solo show in New York sold out, and, following a feature in Vogue magazine, the Riley "look" became a fashion craze.
Nick: East County San Diego originally, but now I reside in Oceanside with Riley.
Kayleigh Siswick was given support by her toddler Riley Siswick's nursery in the weeks leading up to his death, Leeds Crown Court heard.
Regardless of Riley's response, critics are still left with the impression that the Lakers will leave the door open.
Ultimately Riley cars were simply rebadged versions of other British Leyland models but the Riley Mini will be fondly remembered by many.
AFTER a lifetime of service to his country, Jack Riley sat in his corner office overlooking the Pentagon planning a retirement playing golf.
28, 2016, J&R and Riley failed to pay Barringer's wages.
Little Riley Dexter is in a critical condition in Alder Hey Hospital after the bike he was on collided with another during a performance on the Llandudno Promenade.
Paladin in California Names Riley Head of Insurance
Riley Collection at the University of South Carolina on Aug.