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those who support political or social or economic conservatism

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The Eastern European variety of antisemitism appears more traditionally based on religious and right-wing politics.
option=com_content&view=article&id=5266:glenn-beck-marries-to-mlb-advanced-media-for-new-qgbtvq-online-show&catid=60:internet&Itemid=125)), while you may be scratching your head asking what right-wing politics and baseball have in common, it's all about the streaming video platform.
Right-wing politics, especially when based on ethnic nationalism, are rarely good for minorities, who fare better in a more open, cosmopolitan environment.
Warner also begins to detail connections between social conservatives and broader right-wing politics.
According to earlier reports on Norwegian television, the culprit - Anders Behring Breivik - had connections to right-wing politics.
Schell contends that the company with its consolidated holdings, handles news as entertainment and promotes right-wing politics and causes: "[E]ditorial independence is sacrificed to iron-fisted centralized control.
Amongst the fast food advertising and right-wing politics, a lone voice is heard saying, "Go vegan
The index measures and compares people's predisposition to far right-wing politics in 32 countries using data from the European Social Survey.
That third way was described by British sociologist Anthony Giddens, as a political position that transcends left-wing and right-wing politics by advocating a mix of some left-wing and right-wing policies and compromising between socialism and capitalism.
But that campaign is skimmed over in favor of a more general overview of the Chandler family as a bulwark of extreme right-wing politics, the sort that supported the anticommunist John Birch Society while also helping forge the career of Richard Nixon.
right-wing politics in Central America); and Trial of Passion, April Fool and Kill All the Judges (environment, the Green movement).
The book deals with Yeats's fixation with family, allied to his engagement in the 1920's and 30's with extreme right-wing politics.
Anti-gay activism is part of a broader right-wing politics of resentment, fear, and domination.
Calista's character Kitty is a conservative radio talk show host whose right-wing politics have helped create a rift with the rest of her family.
An associate professor of modern European history at Colby College and holder of a PhD from Brandeis University, Scheck has authored the books Alfred von Tirpitz and German Right Wing Politics, 1914-1930 and Mothers of the Nation: Right-Wing Women in Weimar Germany, along with several articles on German right-wing politics.