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Synonyms for property

Synonyms for property

something, as land and assets, legally possessed

usually extensive real estate

Synonyms for property

a basic or essential attribute shared by all members of a class

a construct whereby objects or individuals can be distinguished

any movable articles or objects used on the set of a play or movie

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As explained below, the current state of international law is such that the state has a general right to territory, (16) but an incomplete right to property.
The right to property is also considered a first generation right under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted on Dec.
53) Engle notes that this decision is significant as it pushes the envelope by accepting that the right to property to includes the protection and restitution of the communal property of Indigenous Peoples.
There are many verses in the Quran and hadiths regarding the respect for the right to property and its protection and this issue has been one of the leading subjects emphasized by Islamic scholars.
6) and fewest points for the right to property (35 points) and degree of corruption (38).
On the alleged violation of the right to property, the Court opined that the "relatively small reduction in pay in no way impacted the core of the right to compensation, which remains intact.
A Glendale ordinance prohibits using the star-spangled banner for advertising - a violation of both the freedom of speech and the right to property - and what constitutes advertising is solely at the discretion of the government.
Business employees generally have applauded as the right to property was undermined in the name of environmentalism.
But after the Demopoulos case, the distinction between right to property and right to home was abolished because only property owners were allowed to lodge claims, Meleagrou said.
The disclaiming heirs argued that, as a result of the disclaimer, no interest in property or right to property was ever created; therefore, a Federal tax hen could not attach to the disclaimed property.
Without claims to some natural right to property and individual liberty, the propensity to slide down a slippery slope to endless state intervention seems hard to resist.
The right to property means you have the right to make money to earn property and the right to use and dispose of your property.
While these rulings do not address the consequences of transfers to charity when the options are not substantially vested, it appears that the same rationale should prevail, and that a completed transaction will occur only to the extent the charity actually receives money or a quantifiable right to property.
The message must emphasize not only the importance of the right to property, but also the lack of conflict between this right and other values important in our society," he writes.
The IRS has ruled that a taxpayer's right to receive payments under an annuity policy as payment for professional services is a nonforfeitable right to property transferred in connection with the performance of services.