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a right guaranteed by the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution

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Any effort to give meaning to the Second Amendment must account for the historical development of the right to bear arms and its place in American governance.
Therefore, leaving to do away with the archaic guarantee giving citizens the right to bear arms the only way to deal with the issue.
People have the right to bear arms, and in God's kingdom, you have to protect that," she said.
Charles goes on to show that the early American republic limited the carriage of weapons by individuals, demonstrating that the Second Amendment did not convey an unlimited individual right to bear arms.
But to be in conflict with the constitution, it is not essential that the act should contain a prohibition against bearing arms in every possible form; it is the right to bear arms in defense of the citizens and the state, that is secured by the constitution, and whatever restrains the full and complete exercise of that right, though not an entire destruction of it, is forbidden by the explicit language of the constitution.
strict scrutiny, intermediate scrutiny, rational basis) for evaluating restrictions on the Second Amendment right to bear arms.
Whether your right to bear arms includes "assault weapons.
In 2012, five days after the movie-massacre in Aurora, Colorado, President Barack Obama said, "I, like most Americans, believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to bear arms.
Clinton says she supports the right to bear arms but wants stricter background checks and a ban on assault weapons.
In fact, the right to bear arms is a God-given, natural, fundamental, unalienable, constitutionally protected right.
While America continues to support the right to bear arms, it will also have the responsibility to bury children.
Parents had barely been told the news their loved one was a victim of the 45th school shooting in the US this year when gun lobbyists were defending their right to bear arms.
But the Court's 5-to-4 ruling cited the second comma as evidence that the Framers intended the right to bear arms to apply not just to militias but to your Uncle Ted too.
Wilmington Housing Authority that the state's public housing tenants have the right to bear arms for self-defense even in common areas.
The most fundamental, really elementary blunder is in stating that state courts' rulings on the Second Amendment -- that individuals have a right to bear arms -- contradict Justice Stevens.