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Synonyms for rescission

the act of reversing or annulling

Synonyms for rescission

(law) the act of rescinding

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33) To exercise the right of rescission, Regulation Z's complementing provision states the following:
Additionally, the McKenna court's unwillingness to distinguish the relief sought as between the declaratory right of rescission from actual rescission is the consequence of the court's misguided interpretation of [section] 1635 and its fitness for class treatment.
Failure to register entitles the purchaser to a 30-day right of rescission if the purchaser still has the security or an action for damages if the security has been sold.
The draft language stated that construction on the Rushmore would be completed in two years, a clause that would remove the right of rescission under federal ILSA regulations, Held claimed.
When combined with TILA's three-day right of rescission after the closing, the disclosures ensure that a consumer has a minimum of six days to consider the relevant information before finally deciding to enter into a transaction.
To hedge compliance risk: The Section 32 loan disclosure is deemed to be one of the "material disclosures" for purposes of the right of rescission penalty.
TILA calculations, tolerances and right of rescission analysis;
Instead of offering the plaintiff the right to rescind the agreement, as required by the offering plan, the defendant sponsor's 16th amendment to the offering plan states that purchasers have no right of rescission related to the first closing," attorneys Philip Hines and Marc Held wrote in the complaint.
In addition, it establishes the infamous right of rescission, under which, if any of the "material disclosures" is inaccurate, the consumer may unwind the entire transaction, including all interest paid, for up to three years after closing.
For nonpurchase home-secured transactions in which the right of rescission currently applies, the Board recommends that consumers also receive a notice of a pre-closing right to a refund at that time, to replace the existing rescission period in most instances.
The other items of the agenda, which were mainly concerned with an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation relating to the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code and the provisions of the German Corporate Integrity and Modernization of the Right of Rescission Act (UMAG), were approved in the form recommended by the management.
Buyers, who requested anonymity because they are still in negotiations with the developer, say construction delays at the site have triggered their right of rescission, and the first closing -- which would, if legitimate, require buyers to close on their units -- doesn't count because it is a commercial space, according to claims filed with the attorney general's office (a cheaper but legally binding alternative to filing a lawsuit).
That decision noted that both Congress and Regulation Z contemplated that "equitable principles" would be applied to the right of rescission.