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Synonyms for ownership



Synonyms for ownership

the fact of possessing or the legal right to possess something

Synonyms for ownership

the state or fact of being an owner

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Al Sayed was also pleased to highlight the numerous advantages of Diar Dushanbe, which includes being the first development to grant foreigners the right of ownership.
Slavery is the status or condition of a person over whom any or all of the powers attaching to the right of ownership are exercised.
The leaders of these Baloch nationalist groups stressed that the main objective of the Baloch people's struggle was recognition of their right of ownership of the resources and coast of Balochistan and maximum provincial autonomy.
If they are, and they have agreed to it - or even if they have simply condoned it - then they will be deemed to have exercised their right of ownership, and you yourself will therefore have no legal rights whatsoever.
Geode also raises legal objections on the basis of the constitutionally guaranteed right of ownership. Due to different grid characteristics, ownership unbundling can be legally justified at TSO level and represents the "only way" to ensure more competition and infrastructure investment.
The Second Circuit Court of Appeals and the Ninth Circuit have held that the right to transfer property is a fundamental right of ownership and that any restriction on that right affects the value of the property.
The right of ownership to the shares would transfer to the buyer on 14 January 2005, when the sale price would also be paid.
When a couple separates, the right of ownership will go to the person considered best able to care for the animal.
Adopting a range of less general suffix such as .bank, .shop etc may be a more useful way of distinguishing right of ownership.
Unclaimed property generally is defined as intangible property and any income earned thereon, that is held, issued and owed to another in the ordinary course of the holder's business beyond a statutorily specified period and without the owner exercising any right of ownership. Uncashed compensation and dividend checks, as well as unrefunded security deposits and customer overpayments, are common examples of unclaimed property, which also may include tangible property (such as contents of safe deposit boxes).
Tenders are invited for The acquisition of security and protection services is aimed at ensuring the security of the objects, goods and values, against any unlawful actions that harm the right of ownership, their material existence, as well as the protection of the persons within cn apdm galati and tulcea branch, against any acts hostilities that can endanger their physical integrity or health.
PESHAWAR -- Provincial Commission on the Status of Women held a consultation here on Monday for formulating a comprehensive law to ensure the right of ownership of women in the province.
While allaying the fears of a forceful collection of lands from the owners, Governor Lilongwe said that though the Land Use Act of the country invests the right of ownership on the Governor of the state, no community will be made to loose ancestral home for any purpose to anybody.
Senator Usman Kakar said the land belonged to local tribesmen and their right of ownership should be accepted.
Along with right of ownership is right of possession so they will not give up possession.