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the right of the state to take private property for public use

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He explained the right of eminent domain allows the government to take private properties for public purposes after giving just compensation to the owners.
No city should exercise its right of eminent domain lightly - but it should be prepared, if necessary, to do so when a vision, such as the long-sought revitalization of Glenwood, is at stake.
that a right of eminent domain accompanies these powers as a necessary
It is for this reason that God brings judgment on the land; he is the only one with the right of eminent domain (e.g., Ex.
developed without the exercise of the right of eminent domain also
We did not voluntarily give up the property--it was taken from us by the right of eminent domain for the extension of the subway which the city deemed necessary....
The acquirer automatically assumes a right of eminent domain over the just acquired retailer.
(97.) "Although the words 'public use' do not appear in the Indiana Constitution, it has always been held that private property can only be appropriated under the right of eminent domain when such appropriation is for a public use." Fountain Park, 155 N.E.
Justice Gray, writing for the majority overturning the bonding, stated that: [T]he general grant of legislative power in the Constitution of a state does not enable the legislature, in the exercise either of the right of eminent domain, or of the right of taxation, to take private property, without the owner's consent, for any but a public object.
The World of Golf was forced to relocate when the MTA exercised its right of eminent domain, reclaiming the block the building sits on for a new transportation hub.
However, what's the difference between expropriation with compensation in Costa Rica and the exercise of the right of eminent domain in the U.S.?
1) Defend the decision of the majority who voted to allow the city of New London, Connecticut, to use the right of eminent domain to condemn the private property.
The state didn't give local officials the right of eminent domain, so what did they do?
Delegates from the poorer countries would, they insisted, use the same right of eminent domain to deal with their own epidemics.
The CRA and the city of Los Angeles are both defendants in an ongoing lawsuit filed by LWDT that alleges that the dance company's efforts to rebuild after the earthquake were blocked in an attempt to seize the property by right of eminent domain for a planned retail development.