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Synonyms for Riffian

a Berber living in northern Morocco


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intervention against the Moroccan Sultan's oppression of Riffian Berbers, along with a large monetary ransom.
Recent releases include republications of The Riffian, a novel about the Rif revolt by American anthropologist Carleton S.
(4.) Examples are found in Paraguay, New Hebrides, New Guinea, Malukula Big Nambas, Morocco, and Africa (Riffian Ambo, Ndembu, Akan, Baushi, Batetela, Mongo, Lamba, and Warramunga).
The confused fighting on the beaches of Alhucemas Bay was marked by ferocious hand to hand struggles as the legionaries, supported by Regulares, a harca of Riffian irregulars and the Spanish Army's African Battalion No.
In Toronto, attaching ideas about the South to Matisse's marvelous green-washed, half-length figure of a Riffian bandit, painted on one of his 1912-1913 Moroccan sojourns, was a bit of a stretch, but it seemed fairly reasonable, compared to the downright preposterousness of the theme in relation to the exhibition's stern, economically modeled 1908 still lifes by Picasso or his geometric, Cezannian landscapes of 1908 and 1909, with their sharp-edged house and a factory building, complete with a thrusting cylindrical chimney.