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pioneer of non-Euclidean geometry (1826-1866)

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Riemann's series theorem can be directly extrapolated to conditionally convergent integrals (see for example [5]).
Koyama was motivated by Gallagher's [4] approach to the prime number theorem under the Riemann hypothesis.
Then one can define a projected Riemann curvature with respect to the vector [l.sup.a] by projecting all the indices of the Riemann curvature tensor, leading to (by the very definition, the Riemann tensor [R.sub.abcd] has a generic form [[partial derivative].sub.b][[partial derivative].sub.c] [g.sub.ad] in local inertial frame; thus the above projection ensures that [g.sub.ab] has only double spatial derivatives when [l.sub.a] is a timelike vector; all time derivatives appearing in [R.sub.abcd] are single in nature and hence vanish in the local inertial frame all together; this is the prime motivation of introduction of this projected Riemann tensor; the same can be ascertained from the Gauss-Codazzi equation as well; see [1,5])
In 2016, Sun [26] studied the non-self-similar Riemann solution of inhomogeneous generalized Chaplygin gas equations.
By the analysis method in phase plane, the unique global Riemann solution is constructed with five different kinds of structures containing shock(s) and/or rarefaction wave(s).
Such is his obvious yet suppressed relationship to Riemann that Tenney includes a glossary of terms (pp.
Furthermore, in the introductory study of the edition, comparing the style of the Mannheim musicians with that of their predecessors and contemporaries, Riemann seems to have put aside all his previous biases, coming across as a historian in due course:
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Concretely, the metric tensor, the determinant of metric matrix field, the Christoffel symbols, and Riemann tensors on the 3D domain are expressed by those on the 2D surface, which are featured by the asymptotic expressions with respect to the variable in the direction of thickness of the shell.
Bernard Riemann (1826-66) was a student of Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855) at the University of Gottingen in Lower Saxony.
Since 1859, no one has ever solved the Riemann hypothesis, the mathematical problem dealing with prime numbers--until Cambridge University Professor Andrew Martin proves it in 2012.